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A Bird in the Hand is worth two in the Bush

The Next Century Foundation recognises the value of close engagement with the United Nations Human Rights Council and the need for more Memorandums of Understanding with key states. We view voluntary technical assistance and capacity building as exceptionally important. However in regard to states most in need of help from the Human Rights Council, help is often not forthcoming. There is no Memorandum of Understanding under negotiation with the internationally recognised government of Libya. Yet this could easily be progressed at this time. Safe travel to Libya to meet the government concerned could be facilitated by the government of Italy which has an embassy there. The same applies to the Syrian Arab Republic. Both governments would be eager to receive the HRC. Now is the time to work with these nations where human rights are most threatened. Not later when the problem is no longer in the public arena. And why is the Memorandum of Understanding negotiated with Bahrain in 2013 not implemented? It should be progressed now without further amendment by the HRC. A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush. Both the Human Rights Council and the office of the High Commissioner could be more helpful and start to think outside of the box.

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The failings of Western policy in Libya and Syria

Middle East Dialogue 2015 in Washington DC. Session on Libya and Syria: The Failings of Western Policy. A discussion with: Siwar Al-Assad, Director of Arab News Network and Al Alamia satellite television channels; Mark Hambley – former United States Ambassador to Qatar and Lebanon. Consul General, Alexandria and Jeddah. United States Envoy to the United Nations Commission on Sustainable Development, and the Special Negotiator for Climate Change (Kyoto). William Morris – Secretary General, Next Century Foundation. Chair, International Council for Press and Broadcasting, Former advisor, Sultanate of Oman, Candidate for Police Commissioner, 2012.