Bahrain, United Nations

Opposing Discrimination against Women

As an NGO actively involved in monitoring and promoting human rights, the Next Century Foundation pays particular attention to the relentless worldwide issues of intolerance and discriminations. Among the many unacceptable forms of discrimination, one in particular represents a case of the utmost urgency for the international community: discrimination against women. Discrimination against women in its most varied forms, deeply affects a country, harming its culture, its values, its economy, its political and social identity. It represents an intolerable insult to the entire mankind. In line with the principles expressed by the Durban declaration, the Next Century Foundation strongly urges all the States to implement reforms aimed at incorporating a gender perspective in all programmes of action against racism and intolerance at large. More importantly, we urge States to establish an equal and effective participation of women in decision-making at all levels and grant women equal rights with men. In this regard, States should follow the example of the Kingdom of Bahrain that – with its recent introduction of Bahrain’s Unified Family Law – allows a woman to no longer give up her rights over her children as prerequisite to attaining divorce nor to ask for husband’s approval. The Bahrain’s opening process to women’s rights is exemplary and it clearly demonstrates that a positive change is possible if there is a political will.


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